Mac Pro comparisons with custom build (and how they all miss the point)

Okay, cards on the table, I have a Late 2013 Mac Pro, a ‘Darth Vader dustbin’. It’s a great machine and (and this is the important part) it does precisely what I want from it. That said, I’ve watched with mild amusement as people on the internet have made claims of being able to build […]

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On demand configuration management

We already deal with dynamic configuration management, but we are rapidly moving into on demand and massively dynamic configuration management. And while there is a veritable zoo of individual tools for managing individual parts of the systems being managed, we don’t have an integrated set of tools to deal with this environment. The move to […]

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It’s official: I’m a Git (convert)

I’ve tinkered with Git in the past, mainly to familiarise myself with its capabilities and its command line. Recently I needed to do some development work for a client and I knew I would be moving my development environment about between machines (air-gapped systems are fun) and so I would not always have access to […]

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Puppet and Windows

So, my new role involves more than my usual amount of environment management. Typically I manage environments consisting of a few servers for integration testing. Once things are handed over from development my involvement is usually reduced to providing clear installation instructions for someone else to turn into environment deployments, automated or otherwise. Things are […]

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Proposal: Configuration management is a modelling discipline

We are all familiar with the basic tenets of configuration management; identification, change control, status accounting, and audit. Some would add other disciplines such as build engineering, release management, and a variety of other disciplines (there seems, however, to be no consensus among these CM expansionists as to which disciplines should be added). I would like […]


ALM tool procurement practices

So, you’ve done some research, assembled your requirements, selected a few tools, gone through some demonstrations, and refined your selection. Time to get down to the money. Although money may be a factor in your initial tool selection I would leave it until the very last minute if I were you. Tool vendors can be […]

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Being Lazy, Automating Build

Being lazy is a fine attribute to acquire. I do not mean that you should not work as best you can, but rather that your should adopt an attitude that wherever possible you arrange things so that you have to do as little work as possible to achieve your objective. Automating builds is an excellent […]

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