Subversion’s Ignore List

The idea behind the Subversion ignore list is very simple: when adding (using svn add or svn import) files into a Subversion repository, any file that matches a pattern on the ignore list is skipped.

The ignore list is constructed from two sources:

  1. the client specific global-ignores list;
  2. any svn:ignore property associated with the directory into which the file is being added.

The global-ignores configuration parameter is set in the client’s config file and applies to all additions executed from that client (excluding those that specify the command line option –no-ignore). To this global-ignores list is added, on a directory by directory basis, any patterns associated with svn:ignore properties associated with directories.

The ignore list becomes a little more complicated when combined with wildcards in file names provided to the add commands. Rather than write a long post on the subject I have provided an extract from my Subversion training course (divided into two parts here because of YouTube length restrictions, it’s all one video in the course :) Oh, and WordPress, who host this blog, do not support embedded playlists. If you prefer to watch this as a playlist, go here).

If you watch these videos here I suggest you expand then to full screen otherwise they’re too small to read (again, this is a limitation of hosting).

Part 1

Part 2

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